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  • Our Services

    We take pride in being a comprehensive eye care practice. We get to know our patients and their needs and strive to offer excellent care and service at all times.


    We see patients by appointment only. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call our office at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule, otherwise a missed appointment fee will apply.

    Eye Exams and Contact Lenses

    Dr. Clark offers eye examinations for adults and children older than 3 years. When you schedule your full eye examination, we will use the most advanced equipment to:

    • Determine your current eyeglass prescription
    • Test for glaucoma
    • Evaluate the external health of your eye, including eyelids and corneal surface
    • Dilate your pupils to check for cataracts, retinal, and other eye diseases

    * We recommend you wear sunglasses after your exam or arrange for someone to drive you home. The dilating drops used for your exam may temporarily blur your vision or make your eyes sensitive to sunlight.

    We offer a wide variety of contact lens services, including:

    • Contact lens checks to update the prescription on your current lenses
    • Refit to different types of lenses if you are having comfort problems or need to address other visual or lifestyle issues
    • New fits for patients who have never worn contact lenses before, including training on insertion, removal and care of your lenses
    • Popular brands of soft contact lenses, such as Acuvue Oasys, Air Optix and Biofinity families, including toric lenses (which correct astigmatism), single use (one-day) lenses, and multifocal lenses (which allow you to see both distance and near).
    • Gas permeable lenses

    Eye diseases including glaucoma management

    As part of his training, Dr. Clark did a fellowship in diseases and surgery of the anterior segment, cataract surgery and glaucoma, at Hartford Hospital. He has extensive experience treating a variety of eye diseases, including dry eye, pink eye and eye inflammation. Our practice follows many patients who have varying stages of glaucoma, a group of eye diseases in which the pressure of the eye may damage the nerve that transmits visual information to the brain. We can evaluate your eyes to determine if you have glaucoma and, if so, what type of treatment would be best for you.

    Please call our office if you are experiencing problems with your eyes and/or your vision. In most cases, we will try to accommodate your needs and get you an expedited appointment (many times, on the same day)

    Laser surgery for glaucoma and post-cataract

    Dr. Clark performs laser surgery in patients with glaucoma who need ocular pressure control in addition to their medicated eyedrops or to replace them whenever possible. He also offers a laser procedure for patients who have had cataract surgery but have experienced progressive blurring of their vision due to haziness of the membrane behind the artificial lens.

    These laser procedures are highly successful, produce minimal, if any, discomfort, and are usually performed at our office for maximum convenience. Please call us if you think you might benefit from one of these procedures so that we can schedule an appointment for a pre-laser evaluation.

    Cataract surgery

    Dr. Clark is an experienced cataract surgeon, having performed cataract surgery for over 30 years. He currently offers state of the art cataract surgery at the Alexandria Hospital Same Day Surgery Center. A cataract develops when the natural lens of the eye loses its clarity. It can affect vision at all levels, causing problems with driving, especially at night, recognizing people's faces, working on a computer, reading or watching TV. Cataract surgery is the process in which the natural lens of the eye is removed and replaced with a crystal-clear artificial lens. This restores vision to its maximum potential. Dr. Clark also offers correction for astigmatism with toric intraocular lenses, in selected cases.

    If you think you might have a cataract, please call us to schedule a consultation and discuss surgical options with Dr. Clark and our staff.

    Other Services

    • In-office minor surgeries such as removal of styles, skin tags or lesions on the eyelids
    • Other surgeries such as pterygium excision and conjunctival transplant
    • External ocular and fundus photography
    • Visual field testing for glaucoma, neurological diseases and droopy eyelids
    • Botox Cosmetic

    Emergency Care

    We recognize that emergency situations do arise and we do our best to respond promptly to your problem. To assist you, please call us as early in the day as possible. If the problem arises after office hours, call our office number – 703-548-5588 – to receive instructions on how to contact Dr. Clark’s emergency number.